Cruickshank Quarry

Cruickshank Quarry

Houle Chevrier Engineering provided hydrogeological services for Cruickshank Construction Limited to support an application to deepen the quarry and amend the Class “A” license for a quarry operation below the established groundwater level. The application was completed to fulfill the requirements set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Project components included:

  • Conducted a survey of local residents to document and characterize existing drinking water wells
  • Supervise drilling and testing of boreholes to characterize bedrock conditions within and below the quarry
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing of boreholes to assess potential high permeability fracture zones
  • Category 2 Permit to Take Water to support the seven-day pumping test
  • Conduct a seven-day pumping test with continuous water-level monitoring
  • Computer modelled simulation of aquifer drawdown
  • Preparation of hydrogeological investigation report for submission to the Ministry of Natural Resources