• Geotechnical/subsurface investigations
  • Soil and rock mechanics
  • Consolidation testing and analysis
  • Slope stability assessments and remediation
  • Engineered fill design
  • Forensic investigations for foundations
  • Foundation design
  • Pile foundation design and dynamic pile (PDA) testing
  • Pile-drivability analysis (WEAP)
  • Shear-wave velocity testing
  • Concrete and asphaltic mix design review
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Seismic and liquification assessments
  • Phase one environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Phase two environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Contaminant delineation and remediation
  • Environmental screening
  • Landfill design
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Ontario regulation 153/04 Record of Site Condition
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Sewer-use compliance testing
  • Septic system design
  • Grading and drainage plans
  • Consultation for construction in regulated areas (e.g., flood plains)
  • Surface distress mapping and condition surveys
  • Subsurface investigations
  • Pavement structural evaluation
  • Design of new and rehabilitated pavement structures using AASHTO, MTO, Asphalt Institute, ACPA and other
  • Laboratory materials testing
  • Forensic evaluation of premature distress or failures
  • Pavement management and preservation treatment selection
  • Life-cycle costing
  • Evaluation of pavement texture and friction
  • Ground penetrating radar surveys
  • Seasonal Load Restriction evaluation
  • Registered with Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) under the Registry, Appraisal and Qualification System (RAQS) for all High Complexity Pavement Engineering specialties
Pavement Engineering
Pavement Engineering

  • Groundwater quality and quantity assessments
  • Hydrogeologic and terrain analysis
  • “Permit to Take Water” applications with Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC)
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Hydrogeological studies for land severances and rural subdivision developments
  • Water well supply studies
Field Services
  • Compaction testing for soil, aggregate, and asphalt (MTO-certified)
  • Foundation subgrade assessments
  • Concrete testing (MTO/ACI/CCIL-certified)
  • Frost-protection inspections
  • Footing formwork inspections
  • Pile-driving inspections
  • Dynamic pile (PDA) testing
  • Rebar inspections
  • Dowel and rebar pull-out testing
  • Asphalt and concrete coring
  • Construction QA/QC
Laboratory Materials Testing
  • Asphaltic concrete
  • Concrete (MTO/CCIL-certified)
  • Soils and aggregate testing (MTO/CCIL-certified)
  • Consolidation testing
  • Estimation of percolation rate (“T” time)
  • Grout and mortar testing